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Computing professionals offer expertise in the effective and efficient use of computers for solving human problems, whether that be as a member of a project development team, as a builder of powerful and easy-to-use tools, as an individual researcher, or as an educator.  

The CIS Department currently offers 4 bachelor degree programs, 2 dual degree programs, 1 concurrent bachelor degree program, and 3 minor programs. Please visit the program pages to learn more about requirements.

Good news! Effective in Fall 2023, a new concentration in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be offered for the BS in Computer and Information Science program, and a new application sequence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be offered for the BS in Software Engineering program.

Contact: For general information about the CIS undergraduate programs, please contact the department support team at: [email protected].

Bachelor Degree Programs

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Undergraduate Courses

Please consult the list of courses offered by the department. Course availability is subject to change. Please contact the department for the most updated list of offerings.

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Earn a Concurrent Degree!

A current College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) undergraduate student may pursue a concurrent Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree in Engineering Mathematics or CIS Mathematics.

Students declare this degree in order to earn two degrees concurrently: a BSE degree in their principal engineering major and a BSE degree in Engineering Mathematics or CIS Mathematics. Both degrees must be earned at the same time. 

Cooperative Education

Work experience opportunities are available for qualified computer and information science students through the CECS Cooperative Education Office. These programs allow students to earn a salary and credit hours which can be applied toward graduation while working full-time during alternate semesters or part-time during regular semester for participating firms or governmental agencies (Acromag, APPLE, Chrysler, DENSO, DTE Energy, Ford, General Electric, Harmon Becker, NASA, Nokia, TACOM, U.S. Steel, Xilinx, etc.). 

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