If you are called to active duty status while enrolled at the university, you will need to give immediate attention to a number of academic and financial concerns prior to your departure. We are here to support you during this transition and will endeavor to make our part as smooth as possible. We wish you the best and hope that you will return to us after your deployment is over.

Please contact your Academic Advisor to assist you in developing a plan regarding your deployment and coursework.  All of your decisions will depend upon your school or college policies and procedures, academic instructors, and your date of deployment. Please discuss with your academic advisor which option is available and right for you.  A copy of your military orders must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

The following options can be used at the discretion of the instructor and student.  They are not binding on your school or college:

  • Receive an Incomplete for applicable courses or receive the mark for Absent from Exam (X). 
    • All students wishing to receive an “I” mark need to contact their particular school or college for forms, requirements, and availability.  Students and instructors, in conjunction with school or college policies, will have to agree when all remaining coursework will be completed.  Students who elect to take an Incomplete will not receive a refund of tuition or fees.
    • “X” marks are possible only if the final exam is remaining.  Students and instructors, in conjunction with school or college policies, will have to agree on when the exam will be completed.  Due to timeframes in which an “X” mark must be completed, an “X” mark may not be possible.  Students who elect to take an “X” will not receive a refund of tuition or fees.
  • Students may officially withdraw from all classes for the term.  Any classwork for the withdrawn term will be forfeit.  Upon presentation of a copy of official orders, the Office of Registration and Records will assist students with the withdrawal process, adjust tuition to $0, and will refund 100% of tuition and fees paid by the student.  The non-punitive grade symbol(s) of “W” will show on the term withdrawn.


Service members readmission to UM-Dearborn.

Service members and reservists are eligible to enroll for a subsequent term, in accordance with university policies, if their studies are temporarily suspended due to military requirements. Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Students who were previously enrolled as degree-seeking students, did not graduate from UM-Dearborn, and have not registered for any courses at UM-Dearborn during a 12-month period must apply for readmission in order to resume studies here. Students should complete and submit a Readmission form to the academic unit in which they now wish to enroll. 



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