Undecided: For Students Exploring Their Options

As an incoming student, you may be undecided about your major. You are not alone. Twenty percent of our incoming freshmen and 10% of transfer students are undecided.

Students collaborating around white board.

A key advantage of being undecided is the opportunity for you to explore your interests, assess your future goals, and look for a major that represents a good fit for you.  It is also important to keep in mind that there will not necessarily be a one-to-one correspondence between majors and careers.  Many college majors, particularly those in the liberal arts, provide you with valuable skills that can be transferred to multiple areas of work.

We want you to be successful, discover your passion, complete your degree, and ultimately start a fulfilling career.  We believe your first step is to build a strong academic foundation.  While completing your general education (lower distribution) coursework, you will have many opportunities to expose yourself to a wide range of academic disciplines by taking introductory and/or exploratory courses offered by our four colleges and schools.

You will be able to remain “undecided” until the end of your sophomore year.  Upon reaching junior standing. it is generally expected that you will have officially declared a major. 

Even after declaring a major, we will continue to provide a range of support and resources to assist you with long-range planning for your career and graduate or professional school.

The Michigan Difference will help you:

  • Learn to think clearly and critically
  • Develop a thirst for knowledge
  • Communicate with precision, effectiveness, and style
  • Gain strong qualitative and quantitative research skills
  • Understand how to solve problems with innovation and creativity
  • Find your passion for a lifelong career
  • Become an effective advocate for yourself, your community, and causes you support

Academic Options at UM-Dearborn

Support Services for Deciding on a Major


START - Student Advising & Resource Team) Academic Advising

  • START provides advising to all new freshmen and transfer students (except business transfer students).
  • Academic advising through START begins at orientation and continues through your first semester/s
  • START academic advisors are professional staff advisors who specialize in working with new students and will work with you in your academic planning
  • START advisors can help you to explore all the majors available to you at UM-Dearborn and assist in initial career discussions
  • START advisors can refer you to other resources that provide academic support and help you to further assess your skills, interests, and abilities

For Pre-Business Transfer Students Only (Business-Undecided)

The College of Business Undergraduate Advising and Student Services office provides academic advising to Pre-Business transfer students.

Exploration Courses