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Why Participate in SURE?

Individual Showcase Presentation

Research skills. Mentorship. Presentation skills. Community. As part of UM-Dearborn's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), you'll find that it's not just a job in a research lab - it's about being mentored by a faculty member one-on-one and becoming an active participant in their research project.

SURE students receive a stipend of $3200 paid in installments during the 8 weeks of the program, with the final installment following successful completion of the showcase presentation.

SURE faculty researchers generally recruit an individual student directly based on their skills and interests; opportunities to apply for openings on a particular project may also be posted on the SURE homepage after the projects are selected towards the end of March. SURE sponsors research projects across all four colleges (CASL, CECS, CEHHS, and COB) covering a range of different disciplines and methodologies, and representing the diversity of research activities taking place on our campus.

While your mentoring relationship is one-to-one, SURE participants are also part of a cohort that regularly engages in both professional development workshops and fun social activities together throughout the summer. At the end of the program, SURE students present their research to the community at a research showcase held in the fall.

Benefits of Participating in Undergraduate Research

Students can get a lot of benefits from participating in undergraduate research! These can include

  • Developing relationships with faculty and students on campus
  • Getting a leg up on career and graduate education opportunities
  • Building your resume by gaining transferable skills and promoting your work
  • Contributing to knowledge in your research area and positively impacting the world

As Ilham Saleh, a SURE 2019 participant said, "More importantly, it’s giving you, the student, a door of personal gain in the world of higher education, future careers, and character development."

Learn about other opportunities in the sciences fields.

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