Advisory Committees

Safety Oversight & Advisory Committee

The Safety Oversight & Advisory Committee is the one committee that advises the vice chancellor for business affairs. The committee's charge is to serve as a contact point for the members of the campus who wish to raise issues regarding safety and security; advise the vice chancellor for business affairs and the director of public safety regarding issues relating to campus safety and security; and review public safety policies and procedures.

The committee membership consists of at least two students, two faculty, and two staff members.


The committee meets once per year toward the end of the fall semester, and may be called together as needed throughout the year.

2019 - 2021 Membership (2-year term, ending November 2021)


  • Bryan Earl, Athletics
  • Beth Medere, Academic Affairs
  • Sheryl Kubiak, Enrollment Management


  • David Chatkoff, Behavioral Sciences
  • Susan Gavell, Writing Program
  • Mohammed Akhoirshida, Early Childhood Education
  • David Chatkoff, Psychology
  • Hans Czap, Economics
  • Jill Plavcan, IMSE

Student Government:

  • Amanda Saleh
  • Ramsey Fakhouri

​ex officio: Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

University Budget Committee


To provide an effective channel through which all campus constituencies can have valuable input into the budget process, receive timely financial information, and provide advice into financial decisions and budget planning.

Committee members will build and share knowledge around the university budget and finances with their constituencies to promote a transparent and open environment across the University.

The Committee takes a university-wide view, as opposed to a school or unit perspective, in its deliberations and advisory recommendations.


Meeting Date Materials
April 23, 2021 Presentation
May 19, 2021 Presentation
October 28, 2021 Presentation (updated)
2020 - 2021 Membership

Faculty (1 appointed by the Faculty Senate, 4, 1 per college, appointed by each dean, and 1 LEO appointed by the Provost)

  • Hei-Wai Lee (COB Faculty)
  • Terri Laws (CASL Faculty)
  • Dara Hill (CEHHS Faculty)
  • Oleg Zikanov (CECS Faculty)
  • Mark Radosevich (LEO Representative [CASL])
  • Vivek Singh (Faculty Senate)

Staff (1 appointed by the Staff Senate, 2 appointed by the Chancellor)

  • Cris Frendo (IA staff)
  • Brian LaGoe (ITS staff)
  • Mary Jones (Staff Senate pick - CECS staff)

Student Representative (2 appointees)

  • Allison Vergara (SG rep. and MBA student and BA in COB)
  • Trevor Johnson (Junior majoring in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance in CECS)

Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs discretionary appointments

  • Leigh McGrath

Co-lead: VCBA / CFO
Co-lead: Provost
Ex officio: Senior Director for Financial Services

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