Meet and get in touch with the faculty and staff of the Criminology and Criminal Justice program.

Full time faculty

Donald Shelton, Director                                 SSB 1080        313-593-5520

Paul Draus, Graduate Program Director         CB 4027         313-593-5520

Francine Banner, Associate Professor             CB 4067          313-593-5520

Maya Barak, Assistant Professor                    SSB 1070         313-593-5520

Kevin Early, Associate Professor                     CB 4028B        313-593-5520

Nehal Patel, Associate Professor                     CB 4032           313-593-5520


Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Office is located in SSB 1202; the phone number is 313-583-6329. 

Jeffrey Frost

Richard Johnson

Annette Jurkiewicz Berry

Aaron Kinzel

Scott Macek

David Moore

Gregory Osowski

Anthony Patti

Shawna Reynolds

Daniel Rodriguez

Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies

Social Sciences Building
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