Food Studies Certificate

What is on your plate? Food science, sustainability and social responsibility

Food connects all aspects of the human experience.  Food is essential for health, but equally important in the realms of politics, culture, identity and economics. The health of our environment, earth, and climate also converge in the human requirement to be nourished. The study of food crosses borders by traversing local, national, and global contexts, and it troubles boundaries between the private and the public, the domestic and the political. 

A Certificate in Food Studies allows students and community members to engage within and between multiple disciplines to begin the process of uncovering how these diverse threads are entangled. Food is an ideal theme for such an exploration, as it allows connections between political economy and the global nature of food production.

This certificate program will have impactful and tangible benefits at both the familial and community level.  There are many opportunities in careers, graduate study, volunteer and outreach opportunities that can benefit by completion of this program.

Information about the Certificate

As part of CASL's Food Studies Program, CASL Professors Jorge Gonzalez del Pozo and Patrick Beauchesne, along with Henry Ford College Chef and Professor Joseph Cosenza, held a virtual discussion about the situation of food and food access in our area.