Media Production Certificate

The Media Production Certificate offers students a carefully tailored program in digital media practices including video production and audio production in the field and studio, broadcasting, and new media. The certificate provides technical training while building skills in multiple modes of storytelling and creative expression, including narrative, documentary, and experimental forms. Courses in the program also link practical and applied work with theoretical concepts in film and media studies.

Students can expect hands-on learning with professional cameras, audio equipment, and editing software, including Adobe Creative Cloud and DaVinci Resolve. Students will develop skills both in field and studio production in CASL's Media Studio.

Earn this certificate to expand not only your technical skills, but to develop proficiency in storytelling, teamwork, and communication. These fundamental and versatile skills in digital media can be applied to a variety of future careers, including marketing, journalism, web design, public relations, broadcasting, entrepreneurship, nonprofit administration, and more. 

Information about the Certificate

Certificate Director

Jennifer Proctor

Jennifer Proctor