The Middle East Studies Certificate is a credential for students who have studied the history and culture of the Middle East from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Requiring a minimum of 12 upper-division credits after the completion of pre-requisites, the MEST Certificate can complement your major or stand alone as a post baccalaureate credential.

Contact MEST Coordinator:

Camron Michael Amin,, 313-436-9171

Information on the MEST Certificate

  • Pre-requisites and Requirements

    Required pre-requisites:  Hist 101 or 102 or 103 and Comp 106

    Course options and certificate notes and guidelines

    Earning the certificate requires a minimum of 12 upper-division credit hours selected from among Menu A (history) and Menu B (non-history) courses.  No more than 9 credit hours can be from Menu A.  No more than 6 credit hours can be from Menu B.

    All work will be at the 300+ level and only 3 hours may be shared with another major, minor, or certificate.  There will be GPA criteria for admission and posting of the certificate. 
    If you are interested please contact Prof. Amin,, 313-439-9171, 1270 SSB.

  • Program Goals

    Students who complete the MEST should be able to demonstrate:

    1. The ability to formulate viable research projects in Middle East Studies.  

    2. The ability to contextualize that research within the scholarly literature of Middle East Studies generally and relevant subfields (e.g. History, Anthropology).

  • Faculty and Staff

    Ghassan Abou-Zeineddine

      Assistant Professor, English

    Imran Aijaz

      Associate Professor, Philosophy

    Camron Michael Amin

      Professor, History

    Hani Bawardi

      Associate Professor, History

    Rifaat Dika

      Lecture IV, Arabic

    Wessam Elmeligi

      Assistant Professor, Arabic

    Sally Howell

      Associate Professor, History

    Ara Sanjian

      Associate Professor, History

    Ronald Stockton

      Professor, Political Science

    Rose Wellman

      Assistant Professor, Anthropology

  • Course Offerings

    Summer I 2019

    Menu B Courses

    AAST 3150:  Introduction to Arab American Studies (Online) (CRN: 31741)

    Online Summer I 2019 Instructor: Rebecca Karam

    DDC: Intersections                                                    


    Arabic 365:  Introduction to the Quran (CRN: 31818)

    2:00-4:45 PM MW Summer I 2019 Instructor: Rifaat Dika

    DDC: Humanities and Critical Thinking                                      


    Fall  2019

    Menu A Courses

    History 3512:  The Modern Middle East 1945-1991 (CRN: 13394)

    12:30-1:45 PM MW Fall 2019 Instructor: Ara Sanjian

    DDC: Social and Behavioral, Critical and Creative Thinking



    Menu B Courses

    AAST 3150:  Intro to Arab American Studies  (CRN: 11667)

    11:00 AM-12:15 PM MW Fall 2019 Instructor: Sally Howell

    DDC: Intersections                                   


    AAST 473:  Arab American Women Writers 

    2:00-3:15 PM TR Fall 2019 Instructor: Ghassan Abou Zeineddine

    DDC: Intersections, Humanities and the Arts 


    AAST 4678: Middle Eastern Diasporas  (CRN: 13439)

    6:00-8:45 PM W Fall 2019 Instructor: Sally Howell

    DDC: None                                                            


    Arabic 301: Higher Intermediate Arabic  (CRN: 10690)

    9:30-10:45 AM MW Fall 2019 Instructor: Rifaat Dika DDC: None                                                         


    Arabic 335:  Arabic Civilizations  

    3:30-4:45 PM MW Fall 2019 Instructor: Rifaat Dika

    DDC: Humanities and the Arts                                   


    ANTH 312:  Islamophobia  (CRN: 13581)

    12:30-1:45 PM TR Fall 2019 Instructor: Rose Wellman DDC: None                                                     


    English 323:  Advanced Creative Writing  (CRN: 11085)

    11:00 AM-12:15 PM TR Fall 2019 Instructor: Ghassan Abou Zeineddin DDC: Upper-Level Writing Intensive        

    (This term, as part of the Middle East Studies Integrated Band initiative on the Transnational Middle East, students may petition for ENG 323 to count towards Menu B of MEST Certificate requirements.)


    Philosophy 306:  Islamic Philosophy  (CRN: 12287)

    2:00-3:15 PM MW Fall 2019 Instructor: Imran Aijaz DDC: Critical and Creative Thinking, Humanities and the Arts

Middle East Studies Certificate Program

Social Sciences Building (SSB)
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