The Certificate in Public Relations offers students practical training in the contemporary skills of public relations.


For communication majors, it provides an ideal way to complement their broad-based study of communication with the practical skills necessary for entry level work in public relations.

This certificate is also open to all majors across campus, and provides a useful toolkit that will be an excellent complement for any major in liberal arts, business, education, or engineering. The addition of a public relations certificate to these areas highlights the practical skills necessary for a variety of careers in the business, non-profit, or government sector.

For more information, contact: Margaret Murray, PR Certificate faculty advisor.

Program Details

PR Certificate Requirements

A minimum of 15 credit hours required.

Three core courses
  • COMM 260: PR Principles
  • COMM 360: Social Media for PR
  • COMM 460: PR Campaigns
Two courses from the following
  • ART 210: Beginning Digital Design
  • ART 220: Intro to Digital Photography
  • COMM 300: Research Methods
  • COMM 340: Professional Comm
  • JASS 2015: Fund. of Journalism
  • JASS 312: Media Performance
  • JASS 345: Audio Production


Notes Regarding PR Certificate Program:
  1. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum of twelve earned hours completed at UM-Dearborn are required for admission to the program.
  2. A maximum of two transfer courses (six credit hours) may count toward the PR Certificate.
  3. A minimum 2.0 GPA in the courses counting toward the PR Certificate and minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA are required at the time of graduation and/or posting of the certificate.

View more details about the PR Certificate in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Program Goals

By the time students complete the PR certificate they should have met the following program goals:

  • Understanding the history and evolution of the public relations field
  • Understanding public relations principles as applicable to a variety of contexts and publics
  • Appreciating the ethical dimensions of public relations practice
  • Writing public relations materials using a variety of traditional and new tools, including social media applications
  • Applying public relations principles in analyzing a variety of situations in multiple cultural contexts
  • Integrating the theory and practice of public relations in multiple contexts
PR Certificate I Elissa Gonzalez
I was able to build my brand along with learn how I can get a job in the future in Public Relations.
Elissa Gonzalez, Public Relations Certificate
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