About the Program

Current CECS undergraduate students majoring in Computer and Information Science (CIS) or in Software Engineering (SE) or in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (CIA) and in Data Science (DATA) may pursue a concurrent Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in CIS Mathematics. Declare this degree in order to earn two degrees concurrently: a principal B.S. degree in CIS, or in SE, or in CIA, or in DATA and a separate concurrent B.S. degree in CIS Mathematics. Both degrees must be earned at the same time. Contact the Advising Office for more information.

The CIS Mathematics degree requires a minimum of fifteen (15) additional and separate credits in advanced mathematics courses beyond the 120 credits needed for B.S. in CIS or B.S. in Software Engineering. The 15 credits used for the concurrent degree in CIS Mathematics do not count towards a student’s principal degree. 

Curriculum Requirements

The B.S. in CIS Mathematics degree requires a minimum total of thirty (30) credits in mathematics courses.

Curriculum requirement sheets and sample course sequences are available through the Office of Advising and Academic Success.

Program Educational Objectives

The coursework in the concurrent BS program in CIS Mathematics prepares graduates to:

  1. Be able to develop innovative mathematical solutions to complex computational problems.
  2. Engage in continuous learning to advance their professional careers.

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