Minor in Artificial Intelligence

About the Program

Undergraduate students in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL), the College of Business (COB), and the College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS), as well as engineering majors in CECS, may pursue a minor in Artificial Intelligence. Students fill out a Declaration of Minor Form at their school or college’s advising office to declare a minor. 

Engineering majors must take fourteen (14) credits of approved 300/400-level CIS courses not otherwise being used for their major. That is, any 300/400-level CIS courses being used for an engineering major cannot be used to satisfy the Artificial Intelligence minor.

Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering majors may use the courses below (but only as substitute pre-requisites for the AI minor) in order to take CIS 350:

  • ECE 270 (4) for CIS 150 (4)
  • ECE 370 (4) for CIS 200 (4)
  • ECE 276 (4) for CIS 275 (4) 

Program Requirements

The minor in Artificial Intelligence requires a minimum of 26 credits of CIS courses (with a minimum 2.00 GPA in the courses), which must include the following:

  • CIS 150 (4) CIS 200 (4) CIS 275 (4) plus the following CIS courses (14 credits):
  • CIS 350 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (4 credits)
  • CIS 306 Discrete Mathematics II (4 credits)
  • CIS 479 Artificial Intelligence (3 credits)

Plus one of the following courses for a total of fourteen (14) upper-level credits:

  • CIS 411 Natural Language Processing (3 credits)
  • CIS 439 Text Mining (3 credits)
  • CIS 481 Computational Learning (3 credits)

That is, a minimum of fourteen (14) credits of 300/400-level CIS courses is required for the minor, for which CIS 150, CIS 200, and CIS 275 are pre-requisites. 

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