Dearborn Artificial Intelligence Research (DAIR) Center

The DAIR center consists of affiliated faculty and other stakeholders on campus and regionally. We seek to involve industry collaborators, scholars, and practitioners at other institutions. The goal is to foster synergy between engineering and science faculty engaged in AI research, non-technical faculty with expertise in AI application areas, industry stakeholders, and the next generation of AI experts in training.

The DAIR center activities include:

  • Sponsored and collaborative industry projects
  • Seminars and workshops by faculty, guest speakers from industry and academia, and masters and doctoral students.
  • Project brainstorming, federal proposal preparation, and peer reviews.
  • Training of future AI scholars and practitioners by supporting the university’s related academic programs through training workshops and project mentoring.

DAIR Goals

The center will play a major role in the current research and education landscapes of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


Research: Advancing research in core AI and its applications.

Promotion: Becoming a hub for promoting large-scale research, in collaboration with AI academics, practitioners, and business leaders.

Integration: Integrating AI research and educational activities.

Collaboration: Increasing collaboration within the University of Michigan-Dearborn through team research efforts in core and applied AI.


Our Mission

Get Involved

To get in contact with the center, please email [email protected] or reach out to the center director, Dr. Samir Rawashdeh. 

Your involvement can take many forms, including:

  • Industry:  we can arrange for you to present in our seminar series or otherwise arrange a meeting with faculty engaged in AI research to discuss your interests. 
  • Faculty: toward project brainstorming and proposal development, both faculty currently engaged in AI research and others with expertise in domains with a potential AI application are welcome. 
  • Visiting scholars: we can facilitate connecting you with potential faculty hosts/advisers. 
  • Students: we can connect you to faculty, learning resources, and other activities such as workshops and student clubs. Student leaders can also get involved by running workshops and forming clubs.