About the Program

This 30 credit hour degree program is for engineers, computer scientists, business people, and other professionals who have responsibility for using, designing, improving, installing, managing, and evaluating integrated enterprise wide information systems. The program emphasizes business processes and ERP software to integrate the functional areas, such as manufacturing, distribution, sales, finance, etc. Specialization's are available in the areas of:

  • Information Management Applications
  • Supply Chain and Information Systems Design
  • Information Security and Quality
  • Web Information Management
  • Information Systems Engineering

The degree is offered through the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. As in the cases of existing MS degree programs in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the course offerings for the MS (IS&T) program are mainly in late afternoon and evening hours to enable students to earn the degree through part-time study. The program may be completed entirely on campus, entirely online, or through a combination of on-campus and online courses.

Program Goals

The MS in IS&T program is a response to the need of students who want to complement, extend, and integrate technical and organizational knowledge on information systems. The program designed meet the need of the industry to incorporate enterprise wide information systems to be competitive in the global market place. Students who possess either technical knowledge about computers and information systems, or knowledge about information needs and information system requirements in organizations, but who want to expand their knowledge in a constructive way, constitute an important part of the intended audience.

The degree aims to achieve simultaneously the following educational goals.

  1. Provide access to advances in the information systems field. 
  2. Provide necessary skills to effectively integrate information technology in organizations.
  3. Provide training in specialized areas of information systems and technology.
MS in Information Systems Technology
It is not just about the technology; it is all about the enterprise system, and how integration between the system and the technology happens.
Suvendu Bhutia, MS in Information Systems and Technology, ‘12

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)
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