There are many research opportunities and events for students at the undergraduate and master's levels.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science is always exploring new ways to provide opportunities to students to expand research opportunities. Research while an undergraduate enhances your education, has a powerful impact on your future career, and prepares you for graduate studies and other creative activities and pursuits. We want to give you opportunities early in your academic career to have experiences that foster and encourage research activities and matriculation to graduate education and research.

Are you interested in research? Not sure?

Key Skills

Research scholars and scientists need to have knowledge of research ethics and compliance, conceptual and technical skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, writing and presenting skills, and the desire to make a difference.

Opportunities to Learn About CECS Research

Whether you know a career in research is for you or you are not sure, or unsure about what area or topic you would like to research, you can explore research as an option.

CECS offer several signature events each year, Senior Design DayOpen Lab Day and the new Grad School Symposium, where you can view student and faculty research or learn how to pursue your passion through innovation and scholarly research.

Open Lab Day allows students to visit engineering and computer science labs and learn about research happening here on campus.  Faculty and Graduate Student Research Assistants are available to meet with students about research activity in the lab and discuss opportunities in the labs.

Engineering Your Future: Grad School Symposium is for science and engineering undergraduates who are curious or unsure about pursuing a graduate degree. These event offer students the opportunity to learn about the:

  • value and importance of research
  • varied career paths in research
  • benefits of the Ph.D.
  • application requirements and process
  • securing funding support
  • what you need to be a successful researcher and graduate student

The symposium also offers students the opportunity to hear from a range of panelists, from current doctoral students to faculty members and senior industry executives.

The main CECS Research page provides a list of major areas of research.  Under each major area are more narrowly defined areas and names of the faculty members involved in research in each area. The main page also provides links to the Research Labs within each department.

Learn more about recently awarded research funding by looking at a select list of recent faculty grants and awards

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