Dearborn Discovery Core

Earn your degree with the solid foundation of the Dearborn Discovery Core.

The Dearborn Discovery Core (DDC) is our campus-wide general education program designed to complement the coursework you’ll do in your area of study. It’s a combination of lower- and upper-level courses across many academic disciplines. With this base, you’ll uncover potential new areas of interest and graduate with a strong toolkit for success, no matter the field you pursue.

DDC requirements incorporate the six goals for undergraduate student learning and experience to help ensure that you master the tools and techniques necessary to succeed in college—and throughout your life and career.

All freshmen who start Fall 2015 or later, and all transfer students admitted Fall 2017 or later, will follow the DDC.  

Dearborn Discovery Core Classes

At UM-Dearborn, you will take classes in each of the following nine DDC categories. Some classes count for more than one category, but you cannot use any class to count for more than two categories.

Below, you will find the lists for the courses that are included in the DDC. DDC 1.0 is for freshmen who started in Fall 2015 through Summer 2021, or transfer students who attend UM-Dearborn prior to Fall 2023. DDC 2.0 is for incoming freshmen in Fall 2021 and afterwards, and transfer students who start in Fall 2023 and on.