The UM-Dearborn Department of Public Safety (DPS) supports the mission of the university as a partner serving to ensure a safe and secure environment while improving the quality of life for all those living, learning, working, and visiting within our community.

Vision, Values and Goals

As part of the U-M Division of Public Safety & Security, our vision is to become the global leader in safety and security services, exceeding all expectations.

The UM-Dearborn DPS is a full service law enforcement agency. The 9-1-1 dispatch center is a 24-hour operation that provides emergency and non-emergency response campus wide. The department is comprised of sworn Police & Public Safety officers, non-sworn officers and civilian personnel. Police officers are licensed by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) and have the authority through the State of Michigan to search, arrest, investigate, and use reasonable force as necessary to protect persons and property. UM-Dearborn DPS Officers enforce the laws of the State of Michigan and the Ordinance of the Regents of the University of Michigan on property owned or leased by the University of Michigan-Dearborn. UM- Dearborn DPS is granted arrest authority to enforce the laws of the State of Michigan and the rules of the University of Michigan through the Michigan Public Act 120 of 1990 and Act 80 of 1905, as well as the Regents of the University of Michigan. The department’s jurisdiction serves the property that is owned, leased or controlled by UM-Dearborn, as well as the public streets of Evergreen in front of our Main campus and Hubbard in front of Fairlane Center.

UM-Dearborn DPS patrols campus buildings, parking lots, and other campus grounds. Patrols are conducted by officers on foot, on bike and in motor vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week year-round. UM-Dearborn DPS personnel work closely with local, state, and federal Police agencies and have direct radio communication with the Dearborn Police Department on the city police radio network.

UM-Dearborn DPS has a written memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the local Dearborn Police Department. The Wayne County Law Enforcement Mutual Aid agreement assures that each police agency in Wayne County agrees to aid other agencies in need of law enforcement assistance. To that end, UM-Dearborn DPS police officers are deputized through Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Our Core Values

Service to Our Community

We demonstrate our commitment to serve by placing the needs of the community ahead of our own. All of our actions, initiatives and services are created and maintained with service to our community at their core.


We hold all division personnel to the highest ethical standards at all times. Integrity is not negotiable.

Accountability and Trust

We accept full responsibility for our actions and will take appropriate measures to meet community and professional expectations. We value the trust, respect and support of our community, which must be earned and safeguarded at all times.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We value and are dedicated to respecting differences, equitable practices and intentional inclusion to create an environment where our community feels welcomed and safe.

Excellence and Professionalism

We exceed the expectations of our community through a dedication to excellence in professional and organizational development.

Our Strategic Priorities & Goals

Prevent harm against persons

We will vigorously work toward eliminating physical harm against persons by identifying threats and vulnerabilities and implementing risk reduction strategies.

Protect assets

We will be vigilant in preventing loss and damage to our infrastructure as well as personal and intellectual property.

Ensure compliance

We will ensure policies, practices and operations meet the highest ethical and equitable standards, requirements, credentials and licensing.

Improving quality of life

We will proactively engage with our community, while providing responsive, professional and compassionate service that improves quality of life.

Enhance workforce and organizational development

We will invest in the professional development of DPS personnel and continuously work to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Partnering with our community to prevent the predictable, protect where vulnerable and prepare for the unexpected.

Contact Us

The University of Michigan-Dearborn
Department of Public Safety
1300 Campus Support Services Building
4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI 48128-2406

Administrative phone: 313-593-9953


Office Hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Department of Public Safety

Campus Support Services Building (CSS)
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