Stay Informed During an Emergency

Crisis Communication Tools

The university will also use other methods of communications during an emergency or when a situation is non-life threatening. Other forms of communication include: social media posts, non-urgent emails, local media reports.

Desktop Alerting

Desktop alerting is a mass notification software that immediately displays an alert message on university-managed devices.  

Outdoor Warning System

The University will use this system to warn the campus of a weather emergency.

Digital Display Boards

The University has the capability to broadcast emergency messages on the display boards throughout campus.

UM-Dearborn Website

In an emergency situation, the University webpage will be the main resource to gain more information and further instruction related to the incident.

Social Media

The University will post emergency information on the UM-Dearborn Facebook page and Twitter.

Blue Light Emergency Phones

Blue light emergency phones are found outside in multiple locations around campus. These phones directly connect to the Department of Public Safety.