Emergency Management

It is the mission of the Office of Emergency Management to provide a safe and secure environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors coming to the University.

Storm Ready University LogoAs part of this effort, through integrated planning with internal University affiliations as well as external entities, prevent the loss of life and reduce injuries and property damage during natural and man-made incidents/events through emergency management principles of planning, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Our Approach

We utilize an all-hazards approach, which means we work to prevent emergencies while simultaneously preparing to respond if they do occur. This approach was set in place to protect the people, property, assets and environment within the UM-Dearborn community.

What You Can Do

Emergencies, disasters, accidents, injuries, and crimes can occur without warning at any time. Being physically and psychologically prepared to handle unexpected emergencies is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility.

If you have any questions concerning a unique situation, need additional information, or would like to schedule training courses, please contact OEM at [email protected] 

  • Keep emergency supplies in your office or laboratory (medications, flashlights, comfortable shoes, bottled water, batteries, and portable radios)

  • Become familiar with the quickest exit route from your building.

  • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and pull station.

  • Schedule safety courses with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

Knowing what to do in an emergency may save someone’s life and possibly your own.

Emergency Management

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