IT Governance

The University of Michigan-Dearborn established governance structures to align IT with institutional goals, ensure IT is delivering value toward these goals, assess and reduce institutional risk, and to ensure appropriate investments in IT are being made to support these objectives. IT governance is a decision-making and evaluative process that ensures the optimal use of IT resources.

IT Governance

The structure consists of three standing committees: the IT Council, the Student Information Systems Team, and the Information Technology Executive Committee. Together, the committees are charged with identifying, prioritizing, proposing, and advising on IT initiatives. 

  • The Student Information Systems Committee focuses on Banner and interfacing systems that support student administrative activities (CRM, registration, grading, admissions, financial aid, advising, student success course catalog, course scheduling, etc.), per the SIS Committee Charter.  The SIS Operational Team carries out priorities set by the SIS Committee and resolves day-to-day issues.
  • The IT Council focuses on academic, infrastructure, research, and educational computing areas (research computing, desktop support, printing, computer labs, software licensing, educational / instructional  technology, learning and collaboration tools, the IT Service Desk, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and architecture, Web / Drupal support, and any issues regarding Ann Arbor-based HR, DART, and Financial systems), per the IT Council Charter.
  • The IT Executive Committee reviews decisions made by the other two committees, sets overall strategic direction, and resolves conflicts regarding desired priorities and timelines that either could not be resolved within or between the two committees.

Data Governance

The primary charge of the Data Governance Program is to assure successful management and protection of institutional data.  The program includes a group of Data Stewards and the Data Governance Oversight Committee (DGOC):

  • The Data Stewards are senior university leaders who provide policy-level stewardship for a specific data area
  • The Data Governance Oversight Committee is where constituents bring data integrity issues for discussion and resolution. The membership of this committee includes individuals who have decision making authority for implementing DGOC recommendations within their department and/or technological expertise of the data under their department’s custodianship and how that data interacts across the institution.

Governance Structure

IT Governance Diagram

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