Data Governance Program

The primary charge of the Data Governance Program at the University of Michigan-Dearborn (UM-Dearborn) is to assure successful management and protection of institutional data. In accordance with UM SPG 601.12 (University of Michigan SPG on institutional data resource management), the data governance program at UM-Dearborn will serve to:

  • Ensure establishment, maintenance, and delivery of secure, confidential, trustworthy, stable, reliable, and accessible collections of institutional data for shared access by the University community
  • Maximize the value received from the data asset by increasing the understanding and use of the data
  • Provide an integrated view of the functions of the University
  • Improve direct access to data by end-users in accordance with institutional policies and state and federal privacy and security laws and regulations
  • Support the University's strategy to utilize data as an integral part of decision-making, competitive positioning, and delivery of services

Committee Diagram

committee diagram

Roles Diagram

roles diagram

How to get an item on the agenda

If you are a member of the DGOC please review 2. b. iv. of the Data Governance Program Charter for the process of how to get issues on the meeting agenda.

If you are not a member of the DGOC, please reach out to a DGOC member in your department or the data steward over your area to discuss having the issue put on the agenda. You may be invited to the meeting in which the item is on the agenda to discuss. If you are unsure who to reach out to, please contact the data governance coordinator (Rick Michalski) at [email protected].

Available Data Reference Materials:

UM-Dearborn has various tools available to administer campus data literacy, allow for faster analysis of data from dashboards, more quickly detect data anomalies and resolve data quality issues, to promote data transparency, and overall promote trustworthy data.

  • ITS Technical Data Dictionary for Banner and DataMart Tables

Provides the technical comments on table and table columns in a particular database. Only tables accessible by WebFocus are visible. Additional tables can be added by submitting a ticket to the Report Developer Team.

In order to access the Technical Data Dictionary you must log into WebFOCUS, access the Data Governance workspace, access the Dictionary sub-folder, and run the Data Dictionary report.

  • EM SalesForce to Banner Data Mapping

This link will take you to Enrollment Managements mapping of data from Salesforce TargetX to Banner via Axiom.

  • IRE Tableau Data Dictionaries

The following links will take you to the customer facing data dictionaries for each of the IRE Tableau Dashboards listed (note these are available via their respective dashboards):

Useful links: