How COVID-19 disrupts the transition to adulthood

Sociology Professor Pamela Aronson — using research findings as a guide — breaks down the challenges hitting today’s emerging adults the hardest and gives actions to take and changes to make....

Keeping Dearborn Wolverines safe

Campus looks to science and public health-informed guidelines when responding to COVID-19....

UM-Dearborn has saved half a million dollars on its utility bills since the start of the pandemic

If you’re looking for silver linings, here’s one....

Glass ceilings and plastic barriers: Will COVID’s impacts pave a path to pay parity?

The pandemic highlighted a fundamental contradiction of our economic system today: The caring labor that’s assigned the lowest value, and is often performed by women, is also essential. Feminist economist Professor Suzanne Bergeron says people in power hav...

UM-Dearborn students step up to support campus families during COVID

UM-Dearborn students step up to support campus families during COVID...

Closing COVID’s other learning gap

UM-Dearborn alum and school superintendent Youssef Mosallam talks about how his district is helping kids adjust socially and emotionally as they return to in-person learning....

Everything vs. Gen Z

Sociology Professor Pamela Aronson, who’s spoken to media outlets like BBC, Salon and Vox about the pandemic’s effect on the transition to adulthood, shares research and advice on how more established adults can help Generation Z create pathways to success...
A young woman looks at her phone with a confused look on her face, while illustrations of her parents loom in the background with speech bubbles indicating how their life was easier at her age.

Life behind and beyond the prison wall

For 15 years, the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program has encouraged UM-Dearborn students to think about crime and punishment mechanisms in human terms....

How the pandemic experience is pushing teaching into the future

A UM-Dearborn statistics professor shares how the sudden shift to remote education pushed him to make his statistics classes more relevant to students....
 A colorful graphic featuring a headshot of statistics professor Keshav Pokhrel surrounded by charts, arrows, stick figure drawings and other statistics icons.

What Research Surrounding COVID Vaccination Ethics Tells Us

Campus researchers explore complex questions regarding COVID vaccination during a Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) project....