Spring ’24 grad parlays research and baseball experience into MLB job

After working in Associate Professor Amanda Esquivel’s bioengineering lab, UM-Dearborn slugger Matthew Williams landed a gig working with pitchers in the Kansas City Royals’ biomechanics facility....
UM-Dearborn student-athlete Matthew Williams winds up on the pitching mound during a baseball game.

Amanda Esquivel is pushing student research into its next phase at UM-Dearborn

Undergraduate research has some solid momentum at UM-Dearborn. With her 2023-24 Provost Fellowship, the associate professor of mechanical engineering is focusing on how to keep it going....

Class of Fall 2023: CECS graduate Olivia Pellegrini

During her time at UM-Dearborn, the cybersecurity major has scored big internships, published research and even found time to play on the volleyball team. Now she’s eyeing a career in the artificial intelligence field. ...

“I never thought I’d be doing research like this”

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program, now in its fifth year, elevates research opportunities for Dearborn Wolverines....

Course demonstrates the importance of public cultural work

Through a new course, students learned how to interact with their community, gather personal stories and present those experiences to a broader audience....
A group of students presenting in front of a classroom.

Driverless shuttle project puts students on the front lines of the autonomous vehicle revolution

There’s a six-passenger vehicle in the Institute of Advanced Vehicle Systems’ hi-bay area to which students are applying systems —like optical cameras, perception systems and a super computer “brain”—to give it an autonomous makeover....
A six-person, navy blue shuttle is parked inside the IAVS Highbay.

Office of Research update: September 2022

Check out whose work is getting funded, find new funding opportunities, and learn about ways UM-Dearborn can support your next project in the September update from the Office of Research....

How a research project on the Milky Way's center will help unlock the universe's secrets

As part of a leading research team, Associate Professor Will Clarkson spent much of the last decade working to assemble an extensive map of the inner regions of the Milky Way galaxy....

Archaeology that empowers

Recently finishing a research experience at Amache Japanese American incarceration camp in Colorado, Anthropology senior William Smith shares how his UM-Dearborn archaeological experiences prepared him for that field study and for his future. ...

Doing the Math: Research opportunity adds to campus

The eight-week mathematics research experience took place from May 24 to July 16. With pandemic restrictions easing, students, who initially met over Zoom, came to campus during the program’s final week....