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The Office of Metropolitan Impact supports University of Michigan-Dearborn's mission by: an infographic explaining the ways OMI serves: administrative, financial, community, research
  • Cultivating faculty who are leaders in their disciplines, inspire their students, and care for their students' needs;
  • Creating and sharing pioneering interdisciplinary research that supports diverse sections of our economy, with an emphasis on work that serves the common good;
  • Making lasting local impacts by valuing the experiences, knowledge, needs, and voices of our business and community partners; and
  • Forging mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses, community-based organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies

Urban Futures Spotlight: Professors Francine Banner and Lara Rusch

Published on December 2nd, 2022, "Homeless Group Representation in Detroit's Problem-Solving Court" explores a new approach to the traditional court

participants at a court hearing that took place at a local soup kitchen
A Street Outreach Court session, held in a Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

system. Created in part by the Detroit Action Commonwealth, the Street Outreach Court Detroit (SOCD) holds hearings at a local Capuchin Soup Kitchen. With support and engaged involvement from the beginning, clients are equipped with action plans collaboratively curated with partner agencies and feel more comfortable interacting with the court in a familiar space. But the two CASL professors saw areas of improvement as well. Through observation and interview, Banner and Rusch assert that "the permanent representation of advocates chosen by indigent-led community organizations may better equip problem-solving courts to address the root causes of poverty...". This research takes big steps in improving the quality of court room interactions for the homeless, and otherwise historically underrepresented groups in the city of Detroit. Congratulations, Lara and Francine!

How To Reach Us

The Office of Metropolitan Impact will be operating university business primarily virtually or in person by appointment when necessary. 

Our in person office hours vary, so please email with questions or if you need to make an appointment. We are also answering voicemails left on 313-583-6764.

Office of Metropolitan Impact

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