Final Exam Schedule

For courses having both lecture and recitation, the time of the exam will be determined from the time of the first lecture period of the week. For courses having recitation only, the exam will be determined from the first recitation period. Courses beginning at a time between two exam periods will be scheduled at the preceding hour. Students should receive notification from instructors as to the time and place of examinations. In general, exams will be held in the classroom where the class normally meets during the term. The final examination period is determined by the University Calendar Committee and approved by the Board of Regents. 

  • Final exam schedules can only be modified by the unanimous written and anonymously collected consent of the students enrolled in the course. Consent must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than five (5) weeks before the last day of the term.
  • Students with exam conflicts (two or more final exams scheduled at the same time) should contact the instructors for scheduling adjustments.
  • Students with excessive final examinations (three or more within a 24-hour period) may seek accommodation with the assistance of the Registrar’s Office before the final day of the regular drop period for the term. When students fail to make arrangements via the Registrar’s Office by this deadline, accommodation is not guaranteed. For timely requests, once notified by the Registrar’s Office, it is the responsibility of the faculty to make reasonable efforts to provide the student with an alternative examination time.

All final exams must be held within the structured final exam time blocks. No exams may be held on Study Day.

Final Exams and Study Please refer to this policy for information regarding final exam scheduling, examination conflicts, and final exam rescheduling.

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