Applying to Graduate

In order to receive a degree/diploma, students must complete a Degree/Diploma Application.  The application should be completed by the beginning of the term in which they expect to complete their degree requirements.

Degrees are conferred three times a year. All diplomas are mailed approximately 8-10 weeks after the term has ended.  

Degree/Diploma Applications are available online. Students not meeting degree requirements must apply for graduation in a subsequent term by the specified deadline date.

Summer 2024 & Fall 2024 Prospective Degree Applicants

The new graduation application process launched in May, 2024. Apply to Graduate and instructions are now available.

For the best experience, complete the application using Firefox or Safari. The application can also be accessed via Chrome; however, you may need to clear your browser cookies and cache (if you encounter a technical error).

Any questions regarding the application process for graduation should be directed to the Office of the Registrar ([email protected]). 

Office of the Registrar

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