Degree Works

Use your degree audit worksheet to review your progress toward graduation and determine which course requirements you still need to satisfy. Visit the Degree Works page to familiarize yourself with this degree audit tool.

Planning Your Schedule

Use the Class Schedule to plan your initial schedule. Choose alternative courses, in case your first choice is filled, to ensure a smooth registration process, the Class Schedule is updated daily. It is sorted alphabetically by subject and contains links to the Course Catalog.

Register for Courses

Once you have planned your schedule and you are eligible to register, review the Registration Instructions to familiarize yourself with the registration process. While you are registering, you may use the Look-Up Classes to Add feature if you need to search for additional courses to elect. The schedule is searchable by various criteria and is real-time. If you are ready to register, you may proceed to the Student Information System.

Office of the Registrar

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University Center (UC)
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