Institutional Research

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research serves the University of Michigan-Dearborn by providing accurate and objective information and analyses needed for informed and data-driven decisions. Institutional Research is also responsible for coordinating state and federal reporting processes for the university. The office is a key user of campus data, which contributes to and benefits from a healthy campus data governance. The Institutional Research office advocates for and works to ensure the integrity of official university data and reports. Institutional Research advances the campus’ mission by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information through reports, surveys, evaluation and self-assessment activities and other work supporting instruction, administrative functions, and strategic planning.

Strategic Priorities

In order to serve the campus and advance the university’s mission and vision, Institutional Research has set the following strategic priorities that drive how the office is structured and operates:

  • Reliable and timely data provision
  • Data Quality and Integrity
  • Data Accessibility and Transparency
  • Research and Analysis
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