Class of Spring 2024: CECS graduate Issa Hachem

One of three siblings to graduate from UM-Dearborn, computer engineering graduate Issa Hachem says getting to the commencement stage has been a family affair....

Could we make food processing ‘smarter’?

UM-Dearborn professors are teaming up with Michigan State University to take the human guesswork out of modern food processing....

America needs more farmers. Could robots help?

CECS Assistant Professor Jaerock Kwon is working on autonomous vehicles that could assist farmworkers. But building farm AVs presents a much different challenge than ones designed for the road....

Could you be friends with a robot?

CECS Associate Professor Samir Rawashdeh creates interactive robots for his kids to play with. It’s taught him something about what it might take to make human-robot interactions meaningful. ...

Xuan Zhou’s UM-Dearborn homecoming

Xuan Zhou, the first-ever graduate of a UM-Dearborn doctoral program, is now a faculty member in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. He couldn't be happier about the life twists that led him here — and led him back....

This professor is preparing for a busy election season of political deepfake detection

UM-Dearborn Professor Hafiz Malik has become a go-to resource for journalists debunking fake audio and video....
Professor Hafiz Malik explains a concept to half a dozen graduate students, who look on smiling, in his lab at UM-Dearborn lab

This competition is hoping to address the shortage of EV battery engineers

The national collegiate Battery Workforce Challenge competition is giving UM-Dearborn and Henry Ford College students a rare opportunity to train on real EV batteries and real vehicles, while preparing them for in-demand careers....

Why used EV batteries are poised to play a big role in the electric grid

Two UM-Dearborn doctoral students recently scored first prize in an international CO₂ reduction challenge for modeling the “second life” potential of used EV batteries....

UM-Dearborn and the Department of Defense are teaming up to modernize the DoD’s engineering ecosystem

An interdisciplinary team led by Professor Pravansu Mohanty is helping the DoD adopt the design and data sharing strategies that have become the backbone of modern manufacturing....

The perfect idea to ensure perfect name pronunciations at commencement

Professor Hafiz Malik and his graduate students built a new name reader that allows students to record their names in their own voices for the commencement ceremony....