Teaching through five decades of political change

With nearly 50 years at UM-Dearborn and 12 U.S. presidential elections during his time on campus, Political Science Professor Ronald Stockton heads into retirement after witnessing a milestone year for student political involvement....

Beyond the wall

No matter which side you are on, walls are divisive. Looking throughout history, CASL faculty member Kristin Poling says it’s important to understand that walls don’t hold power; it’s the people who do....

Glass ceilings and plastic barriers: Will COVID’s impacts pave a path to pay parity?

The pandemic highlighted a fundamental contradiction of our economic system today: The caring labor that’s assigned the lowest value, and is often performed by women, is also essential. Feminist economist Professor Suzanne Bergeron says people in power hav...

How a Detroit neighborhood is creating change one alley at a time

UM-Dearborn professors land a U-M Graham Sustainability Institute catalyst grant to work with Detroit residents on how overlooked alleys can be re-imagined to reflect local history and needs, while also addressing multiple sustainability goals....

Connecting activism and justice efforts happening 5,000 miles apart

Sociology Professor Paul Draus — who often leads social and environmental justice projects in Detroit — is working in Lithuania for his Fulbright U.S. Scholars-supported research project....

A life without borders

Alumna Samantha Snabes’ hustle has taken her from NASA to startup success. Someday she hopes it will still take her to space. ...

‘Ungrading’ doesn’t necessarily mean no grades. So what does it mean?

Associate Professor Emily Luxon talks about how ungrading works in her classroom and why it’s making her courses better....

Everything vs. Gen Z

Sociology Professor Pamela Aronson, who’s spoken to media outlets like BBC, Salon and Vox about the pandemic’s effect on the transition to adulthood, shares research and advice on how more established adults can help Generation Z create pathways to success...

Should the price of gas fuel presidential performance ratings?

Political Science Associate Professor Julio Borquez says many factors go into a president’s approval rating and breaks down the factors behind Biden's current polling numbers. He also shares what we, as voters, can do to foster a future where polarization ...

Professor preserves Arab American stories by restoring forgotten history

Nearly a decade ago, CASL faculty member Hani Bawardi joined the preservation effort to restore the forgotten history of the oldest Arabic-speaking settlement in the U.S., located on Washington Street in New York City — and recently scored a $1.5 million g...