Payment Plans

Standard Current Term Payment Plan

The University of Michigan-Dearborn provides a program for current terms available at the Student Accounts Self Service website in the Payment Plans menu.  Students enrolled in this program will traditionally have their tuition and fees divided into equal installments due on fixed dates once a month.  Questions regarding those payments should be directed to  The main payment plan description has been summarized below:

  • The standard current term payment plan expects students to pay multiple equal installments of his or her tuition balance typically on a third Wednesday of a month. The exception is special "Financial Aid" payment plans that may require specific percentage payments of an overall balance on installment dates.
  • There are two main options of how to pay when selecting a payment plan: 1) AUTOMATIC or 2) SELF PAY. When a student selects the AUTOMATIC Payment Plan, he or she is electing to have all installments scheduled to be withdrawn from a saved payment method. If a students selects the SELF PAY Payment Plan, he or she is electing to manually make each installment on or before their due dates. Regardless of how you select to pay on your payment plan, the installment dates are the same for both. 3 Month plans not set in summer terms do not carry an AUTOMATIC option.

Select a term to expand and review the payment plan options:

The final installment may be slightly larger than the others if the value cannot be divided evenly.

  • Most payment plan deadlines are extended beyond the first installment date to grant additional time to enroll.  When enrolling in the payment plan after the first installment date, the student must pay the first installment along with the non-refundable setup fee online at the time of registration.
  • The Setup Fee is nonrefundable. Please do not enroll in a payment plan if financial aid is expected to pay your student account balance in full, even if the disbursement date is after the 100% tuition deadline (but still during the current term). 
  • Student Accounts staff cannot enroll students in payment plans on behalf of the student. The payment plan installment dates cannot be modified, delayed, or customized. Student Accounts staff will not be able to enroll students in a plan in situations where the student incorrectly made a standard tuition payment instead of a payment plan enrollment payment. 
  • Student Accounts staff can assist in situations where the wrong payment plan was enrolled, as long as contact is made before the upcoming plan installment deadlines. Payment plan installments will not be refunded where tuition is otherwise past due.

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