What UM-Dearborn Costs

Learn what expenses make up a budget in financial aid

The cost of attendance or budget in a financial aid award is made up of five expenses: average tuition and fees, average books and supplies, allowances for room and board, transportation and personal and miscellaneous.

One way that students can save money on tuition costs over their college careers is to add an additional class beyond 12 credits.  There is a substantial discount beginning at the 13th credit.  For example, the credit hour assessment for a 2017-2018 undergraduate is $447 for 1-12 credits and $101 for the 13th credit and beyond.  A 5th class could cost as little as $303.  Similar savings are available for doctorate candidates

Several of the components remain the same for every full-time student:

  • Books and supplies: $ 1,300
  • Transportation: $1,594
  • Personal and miscellaneous $1,600

Room and board are modest allowances for students who live at home or off-campus.

  • At Home $2,068
  • Off-Campus $8,272

University of Michigan-Dearborn Tuition and Fee Assessment Flyers

Quick View of Average Costs for the Academic Year
Resident Non-Resident
At Home $18,304 $30,238
Off Campus $24,352 $36,286
View the Freshman/Sophomore Total Budget
At Home
Business $22,653 $34,588
Education $18,847 $30,482
Engineering $20,098 $32,033
College of Arts, Sciences, Letters $18,547 $30,482
Off Campus
Business $28,701 $40,636
Education $24,595 $36,530
Engineering $26,146 $38,081
College of Arts, Sciences, Letters $24,595 $36,530
View the Junior/Senior Total Budget
Graduate Average Costs
Business $22,740 $28,776
Education $18,970 $26,268
Engineering $21,426 $27,462
College of Arts,Sciences, Letters $20,232 $26,268
View the Graduate Total Budget