Ways to Make Payments on Your Account

The University of Michigan-Dearborn will accept payments in person of cash, personal checks, and money orders.  Online payment options are electronic checks (ACH for no fee) or credit cards (MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express) via TouchNet Pay Path, a third party online payment service.  A 2.85% non-refundable service fee will apply to all credit card transactions

Credit card and electronic check (ACH) tuition payments are accepted on the University website by using the following steps:

  1.  Go to myaccount.umd.umich.edu
  2.  Login using your unique name and password (an additional information consent form may also appear).
  3.  Go to the "Make a Payment" menu tab and follow references and instructions to making a payment.
  4.  Select your payment term and confirm the amount to pay (you may edit the value enclosed in a box to the far right).
  5.  Select desired payment method: Credit Card via PayPath, Electronic Check (checking/savings), or a custom saved payment method previously added by the student if applicable. Apple Pay is available on an iOS device after choosing Credit Card via PayPath.
  6.  Enter your banking information and authorize agreements as instructed (or select Apple Pay or credit card after the PayPath popup window initiializes)

We now offer ACH Account Validation service upon submitting a payment. If you entered your account information incorrectly, you will receive an error message the instance you attempt to make a payment. 

(In the event a refund is issued for a term with a credit card payment, the refund must be issued to the credit card up to the total amount of the credit card payment[s])

In person payments of cash, checks, and money orders must be made payable to University of Michigan and include the student's University ID number to ensure prompt and correct credit to a student account. Tuition payments by check or money order may be made as follows: (1) at Student Accounts during regular office hours, (2) deposited at any time in the Student Accounts drop box (located on the exterior wall, northwest corner of the University Center building), or (3) mailed to Student Accounts. Students must allow at least 10 business days for Postal Service delivery prior to the due date. Please check your student account to verify your payment was received. 

Please address all mail as follows:

University of Michigan-Dearborn
Student Accounts
4901 Evergreen Rd.
1187 University Center
Dearborn, MI 48128-2406

A $25.00 charge is applied to all returned checks, money orders, and ACH transactions. In addition, returned checks, money orders, and ACH transactions related to hold releases and registration will result in disenrollment. 

Receipts cannot be mailed. Receipts will not be issued for payments not made in person.

Authorized Users

Students can add other people they choose to become Authorized Users on the Student Accounts Self-Service website. Authorized Users can view student account activity, make payments on behalf of the student, and enroll in payment plans.

To add an Authorized User:

  • Students log into the UM-Dearborn Connect site.
  • Login with username and password
  • Navigate to Student Services, Student Account, Student Accounts Self-Service
  • Continue to the website
  • Choose Authorized Users in the My Profile Setup section
  • Add Authorized User
  • Submit the email address and access limitations of the new account.

For Authorized Users who received two emails granting access:

Student Accounts

1187 -
University Center (UC)
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