The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic research communication competition originally developed by the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. The goal of the competition is for students to verbally summarize their master's thesis or doctoral dissertation research in a compelling way to a non-specialist audience in 3 minutes or less.

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Congratulations to the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Competition Winner: Charlie Giraud!

Program of Study: Psychology (MS)

3MT Competition Title: Discrimination, Concealment, & Multiple Minority Status within LGBTQ+ Populations

Thesis/Dissertation Adviser: Dr. Michelle Leonard

Full competitor list: Bowen Zhang, Mrinal Jha, Hyunjae Park, Hyunjoo Park, Ruslan Akhmedagaev, Joyce Kuribayashi, Charlie Giraud, Gabrielle Alter, Sally Thrasher, JaLeshea Ligon

Check out the recording of the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Event!

2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition Contestants

Participants: Azeem Hafeez, Faisal Binzagr, Aishwary Pawar, Lindsey Bookman, Malak Nasser, and Angela Tiemeyer.

Winner: Malak Nasser - "Engineering Tumor Microenvironments for Drug Screening"

Check out last year's video for our 2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition!

2019 Three Minute Thesis Competition Contestants

Participants: Azeem Hafeez, Linyan Xiang, Meigui Yu, Paige Tiedeman, Safa Sankari, Ava Selke, Jay Sands, Christin DeWit, Marissa Mills, Selena Suttner

Winner: Christin DeWit - "Treatment Related Stress in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Check out this video from our 2019 competition.

2018 Three Minute Thesis Competition Contestants

Participants: Mallory Stankovich, Christian Hessler, Ankush Bhandarkar, Chazlyn Miller, Samah Altairi, Saurabh Mali, Linyan Xiang

Winner: Chazlyn Miller -  "Understanding Perceptions of and Reactions to Sexual Assault"

2017 Three Minute Thesis Competition Contestants

Participants: Omid Avatefipour, John Kelly Villota Pismag, Devon Kardel, Monish Urapakam Ramakrishnan

Winner: Devon Kardel - "Mindfully Managing Life Experiences Together" 

2016 Three Minute Thesis Competition Contestants

Participants: Julie Altesleben, Katie Blasko, Corey Bryant, Samantha Cook, Jacqueline Fritts, Nevrus Kaja, Wiem Mkaouer, Hanzhang Wang

Winner: Nevrus Kaja - "A Trust Model in Cloud Computing"

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