Graduate Non-Degree Application Procedures

Congratulations on your decision to apply to the University of Michigan-Dearborn!

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to building a diverse learning community. We serve highly motivated candidates whose accomplishments suggest the ability to succeed in graduate study. 

The instructions below are intended for applicants to Graduate Certificate programs and Graduate Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD)/Guest status

All graduate applicants are required to meet the following minimum requirements for admission: 

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution. Criteria vary based on whether you earned your bachelor’s degree from a US institution or an institution outside of the United States.
  • Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency.  

A holistic review of each applicant is conducted. Admission is granted to applicants who have been recommended for admission by the academic unit. Preference is generally given to students who have at least a B average (3.0 in a 4.0 grading system) in relevant coursework or otherwise provide evidence of promise that is satisfactory to the admitting program. 

Applicants should submit all required materials by the posted deadline in order to be considered for admission. 

Graduate Non-Degree Deadlines

Graduate Certificates

Deadlines are advisory in nature, meaning the application opens several terms in advance and continues to accept applications beyond the deadline if there is space available. 

  • August 1 for Fall Term
  • December 1 for Winter Term
  • April 1 for Summer Term

If you have international transcripts, your recommended deadline is one month prior to the posted deadline above for your intended term of entry. This additional time allows the Office of Graduate Studies to complete an internal international transcript evaluation. 

The final day to submit is generally 5 business days before the start of classes.

Final Day to Submit Winter 2022 Graduate Certificate Application: Tuesday, December 21st. 

Graduate Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD)/Guest

The Online Application generally opens for Graduate NCFD/Guest applicants two weeks before registration begins for new graduate students until 5 business days before the start of classes.

Final Day to Submit Winter 2022 Graduate NCFD/Guest Application: Tuesday, December 21st. 


Application Procedures

All materials should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for processing; any materials submitted to other offices on campus will experience delayed processing. 

All correspondence must be in English and should contain the full legal name of the applicant, as shown on a passport or other government-issued identification. It is vital that your full legal name is included on all materials submitted to ensure proper and timely matching of supporting documents to your application. If there are any discrepancies, you must notify the Office of Graduate Studies. All applicants have the opportunity to disclose any previous names on the application prior to submission. If your application has already been submitted and additional name(s) require disclosure, please send an email to

Once an Online Application has been submitted, we recommend all applicants become familiar with our instructions on monitoring your portal

Online Application

To create a new application, please click “Sign up” in our online application portal. Create your login details and follow on-screen instructions. A valid email address is required to create and verify your account. Your application does not need to be completed all at once, as your login and password will allow you to return at a later date. 

Graduate Certificates 

  • Start A New Application 
  • Under Non-Degree and Certifications, select Start Application 
  • Select Certificates 
  • In the Academic Plan section of the application, you will select the specific graduate certificate you intend to apply for

NCFD/Guest Applicants

  • Start A New Application 
  • Under Non-Degree and Certifications, select Start Application 
  • Select Graduate Guest (if currently enrolled in a graduate program elsewhere) or Graduate Non Candidate for Degree under Non Degree Student Type as applicable 

Itemization of the specific course(s) requested for that term is required in the online application; to see what courses are available that term, use the Class Schedule once posted.

Resume or CV (Certificates Only)

Please include education information; work experience; research, teaching, or internship experience; professional affiliations, volunteer activities; community engagement; and relevant honors or awards.The online application cannot be submitted without a Resume. Two-page limit is recommended. 

Official College/University Transcripts

Required Transcripts

  • Certificates: All colleges/universities attended, regardless of whether a degree was earned. 
  • NCFD/Guest: Undergraduate degree-granting institution and all institutions where graduate-level coursework has been completed or is in progress. 

How to Submit

An official transcript is securely sent directly from the institution via their approved means or received in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution, bearing the institutional seal and the official signature of the Registrar or Recorder of Records. 

  • Electronic transcripts can be submitted to Electronic delivery is only accepted when sent directly from the institution, by a Registrar or similar official of the university. Transcripts sent by the applicant via email will be considered unofficial. 
  • If an electronic transcript cannot be sent by your institution, please submit an unofficial copy to while the Office of Graduate Studies is operating remotely to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. If unofficial records are used to make an admission decision, the official documents may be required when normal operations resume. 

International Records

Third-party evaluations provided by a credential service, for example, Educational Credentials Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES) are not accepted. The University of Michigan-Dearborn campus internally completes an evaluation of all international academic records to confirm degree equivalency and calculate a U.S.-equivalent cumulative GPA. For guidelines on the types of degrees accepted and documentation required by country/region, please review our International Undergraduate Degree Requirements page. See UM-Dearborn Transcript Review section for further details.

In cases where the original document is in a language other than English, a version in the native language AND an official English language translation must be provided. We ask that you do not send your only copy of your academic records for submission. Materials received by the university for admission purposes will not be returned to you. 

English Language Proficiency (if applicable)

Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency and are required to provide an official score report of an accepted English Language Proficiency Test.  Proficiency tests that are accepted are the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  Applicants only need to take one of these test options.  Achieving the minimum score does not guarantee admission, only consideration. Please see below for minimum required scores for each proficiency test. 

Please see below for minimum required scores for each proficiency test:

  • IELTS 
    • IELTS (Academic)/IELTS Indicator: Overall score of 6.5
    • IELTS scores are received electronically. An institution code is not required. Use the following information to locate our institution: University of Michigan, Dearborn - Graduate Studies.
  • TOEFL 
    • IBT Internet-Based Test: Overall score of 84
    • Our ETS Institution Code for TOEFL registration is 1861. Individual department codes are not necessary for the TOEFL. As long as the institution code is used, your scores will be electronically delivered to us. 
    • At this time we are not accepting the TOEFL MyBestScore to meet our English language proficiency requirement and will continue to require the posted overall minimum score for an individual test. 
  • Duolingo English Test
    • Duolingo: Overall score of 105
    • Scores should be sent electronically to University of Michigan, Dearborn - Graduate

English Proficiency Exemptions

  • Applicants who have earned or will earn a bachelor's or master's degree from a country where the official language is English (United States of America, Australia, or United Kingdom) are exempt from submitting an Official English Proficiency Score.
  • Applicants who have earned or will earn a bachelor's or master's degree from an institution where the language of instruction is exclusively English are exempt from submitting an Official English Proficiency Score.** Verification from the school is required. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for further details regarding verification for your case. 

Note: Exemptions are not allowed if insufficient TOEFL or IELTS scores are reported.

Home Institution Approval (Guest Students Only)

Written permission from the student's home institution verifying enrollment in a graduate program and granting permission to elect the course(s) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is required. This verification should be sent to by your advisor or academic department. 

International Transcript Evaluation/Review

International transcripts require an additional evaluation. Third-party evaluations provided by a credential service, for example, Educational Credentials Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES) are not accepted. Once all required materials are received, the international transcripts can be added to the queue for evaluation. 

This review is completed by an internal evaluator and requires no action by you, unless you are contacted directly requesting additional information. Each degree from an international institution is individually assessed based upon the characteristics of the national system of education, the type of institution, the accreditation/recognition, the level of student, and number of years of postsecondary study. A U.S.-equivalent cumulative GPA will be calculated as part of this process and provided to the review committee.

Most evaluations are completed in 4-6 weeks of being added to this queue. The timing for completion of your review is dependent on a few factors including, but not limited to: 

  • Evaluator familiarity with your institution
  • Volume of transcripts ready for international transcript evaluation
  • Timing of receipt of required materials (ex. official transcripts, marksheets, English language proficiency)
  • Validation of credentials with institution officials, if required 

Current UM-Dearborn Graduate Students

Students already enrolled in a graduate degree program at UM-Dearborn may declare a Graduate Certificate to supplement their primary field of study or area of expertise. Rather than completing the Online Application, submit a completed Declaration of Certificate Form and return it to the academic unit which supports the certificate. 

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