Business Studies as a Second Major

The Business Studies major is an optional second major for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree through the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL).

The Business Studies major (BST) complements the critical thinking and acquired knowledge gained through a liberal arts and sciences education with foundational courses in business to develop the necessary leadership and analytical skills for careers in management related fields. 

The BST graduate will acquire and possess a broad range of understanding, knowledge, and quantitative skills necessary for attaining a leadership role in business, education, community organizations, and government. Key to the BST is the comprehensive liberal arts and sciences education that provides a strong foundation in thinking creatively, seeing the world through a multi-perspective lens, and acquiring a broad based of knowledge, and an understanding of diverse cultures and literary works. 

The Business Studies major is open to non-College of Business students and must be pursued as a second major in conjunction with the primary major in CASL.

For further information about the Business Studies as a second major, contact CASL Advising and Academic Success, [email protected], 313-593-5293.

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