Bienvenue! French studies offers students a thorough training in the language and culture of the 200 million people who live in France and other francophone areas in the world.

In so doing, it familiarizes them with a vital and influential tradition in literature and the arts which spans twelve centuries and a language of importance in the realms of business, politics, science and technology.

French Studies recognizes the need to provide today's students with a broad education in French. Consequently, it requires concentrators to complete coursework in four general areas: language (including the specialized language of business), culture/civilization, film and literature. For the same reason, French Studies takes as its purview the French-speaking world as a whole. Although it places emphasis on France, the concentration also provides an introduction to the other French-speaking countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and the Caribbean which are playing roles of increasing prominence in global affairs.

Degree Requirements

Read additional information on CASL degree requirements.

  • B.A. in French Studies


    Students concentrating in French Studies must successfully complete French 202 (Intermediate French II) or demonstrate equivalent French language proficiency.

    Concentration Requirements (24 credit hours total)

    Required (6 credit hours)

    • French 301: Advanced Conversation and Composition
    • French 302: Advanced Conversation and Composition

    One specialized language course (3 credit hours)

    • French 305: Language of Business
    • French 306: Cultural Introduction to French Business
    • French 308: Writing Workshop
    • French 408: Writing and Translating

    One civilization/culture course (3 credit hours)

    • French 336: French Civilization of Past
    • French 337: France in the 20th Century
    • French 338: France of Today
    • French 339: Francophone Literature and Civilization
    • French 375: Parisian Itineraries
    • French 388: Socio-Cultural Issues in Contemporary France

    One film course (3 credit hours)

    • French 332: French Cinema
    • French 333: From Novel to Screen

    One literature course (3 credit hours)

    • French 330: French Literature: Middle Ages-18th Century
    • French 331: French Literature: 19th-20th Century
    • French 333: From Novel to Screen
    • French 334: Workshop in French Theater
    • French 339: Francophone Literature and Civilization
    • French 375: Parisian Itineraries
    • French 433: Contemporary French Theater

    Two additional upper-level French courses (6 credit hours)


    Cognates (6 credits)

    Students must complete at least six additional hours of upper-level coursework, to be approved by a faculty advisor or the CASL Advising and Academic Success office.

    Students can pursue a minor in French Studies by taking four upper-level courses, beginning with, and including French 301, and any three additional courses.

  • B.A. in International Studies - French

    The concentration in International Studies - French combines an advanced curriculum in French language and culture with structured training in a professional field. The professional fields include Art Administration, Communications, Computer and Information Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Business and Management, Natural Sciences, or Political Science. A third component, Support Studies, offers cognate courses which reinforce the international context and enable students to integrate the two primary components.

    Read information about additional requirements for the International Studies major.

Study Abroad and Internships

Concentrators are encouraged to strengthen their knowledge of French language and culture by participating in any approved study abroad program in France or a francophone country such as Canada or Switzerland. They are also encouraged to complement their coursework by completing an internship in an appropriate government or business placement. They should give special consideration to the international internships available to them in Ottawa (Political Science Internship).

Student Clubs, Organizations and Activities

French Studies students are also encouraged to get involved in student organizations in Language, Culture and Communication, in CASL and across campus.

  • Le Club Francophone

    Students have the opportunity to participate in the French club,  Le Club Francophone, which organizes various events each semester such as excursions to museums, French film viewings, and sampling of French cuisine in local restaurants.

    The purpose and goals of Le Club Francophone consist of activities as well as events to promote the French culture and language. Regular meetings will be held to engage students interactively using the French language and exploring culture through various themes. French Club meetings are open to all students, but a focus on speaking French will be essential. All students are encouraged to join and/or to participate in campus-wide events sponsored by Le Club Francophone.

    This club meets every other week, one week on Wednesday, and the next week on Thursday, to meet the needs of interested students’ schedules. Thus, the meeting held on Wednesday is replicated the following week Thursday, so that all members are on the same page

  • Honors Convocation

    The Honors Convocation is a gathering of our best students, along with their families and friends, to recognize and celebrate their achievements during the academic year. 

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