Mathematics is perhaps the most precise of human languages.

With it, mathematical scientists have described and understood complex physical phenomena, supported the infrastructure of the internet era, optimized production in industrial processes, and cultivated the creativity of young minds. As a language, together with its axiomatic underpinnings, mathematics is also a much-explored structure in itself. In recent decades, the boundary between pure and applied mathematics has dissolved, and training in both is important for every mathematician.  The 21st century, with its growing importance of big data and computation, offers many opportunities to mathematicians.

Mathematics Student Videos

Degrees, Minors, and Certificates

Mathematics Faculty

Joan Remski

Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Professor of Mathematics

Yunus Zeytuncu

Associate Dean; Professor of Mathematics; Director, Center for Mathematics Education

Mahesh Agarwal

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Nesrin Cengiz-Phillips

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

John Clifford

Professor of Mathematics

Michael Dabkowski

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Thomas Fiore

Professor of Mathematics

Yulia Hristova

Associate Professor of Mathematics; Program Director of Applied and Computational Mathematics

Kelly Jabbusch

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Hyejin Kim

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Angela Krebs

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Gengxin Li

Associate Professor of Statistics

Margaret Rathouz

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Aditya Viswanathan

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Alan Wiggins

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tian An Wong

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Jennifer Zhao

Professor of Mathematics

Student Clubs and Organizations

Mathematics students may also join other clubs and organizations across CASL or campus. 

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