Mathematics and Statistics students and faculty, as well as those across campus, are encouraged to attend Mathematics Colloquia.

Fall 2018

Organizer: Hyejin Kim

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm in CB 2070*

*Times may vary. Please see flyer for most accurate information.

Date Speaker Title Affiliation Flyer
4/17/19 Michael Bolt Complex exponents and Escher's Print Gallery Calvin College Bolt, Michael 4/17/19
4/10/19 Jun Kitagawa An optimal transport problem with storage fees Michigan State University Kitagawa, Jun 4/10/19
4/2/19 Hyokyoung Hong Feature selection with survival outcome data Michigan State University Hong, Hyokyoung 4/2/19
3/29/19 Carl Lee An overview of methods for generating statistical distributions in the recent decades Central Michigan University Lee, Carl 3/29/19
3/25/19 Florian Bossmann Seismic imaging, shifted low rank apporximation and irregular grids Harbin Institute of Technology Bossmann, Florian 3/25/19
3/22/19 Nada Sissouno Real world ptychography: A direct solver Technical University of Munich & Helmholtz Center Munich Sissouno, Nada 3/22/19
3/20/19 Amy Shell-Gellasch Mathematical Devices at the Smithsonian: An Insiders View Eastern Michigan University Shell-Gellasch, Amy 3/20/19
11/28/18 Tamas Horvath Time-dependent problems on evolving domains-Space-Time Finite Element Methods Oakland University Horvath, Tamas 11/28/18
11/14/18 Theren Williams An Alternative to Classical Survival Analysis University of Michigan-Dearborn

Williams, Theren 11/14/18

11/7/18 Theresa Scarnati High Order Regularization Techniques for Synthetic Aperture Radar Applications Air Force Research Laboratory Scarnati, Theresa 11/7/18
9/26/18 Steve Kahn Calculus and MLK Wayne State University Kahn, Steve 9/26/18

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