About the Program

The Mechanical Engineering graduate program is the oldest and one of the largest graduate programs at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The program is approved by the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the Ann Arbor campus.

The program mixes engineering practice with analysis and encompasses two broad areas of emphasis-- mechanical science and thermal/fluid science. A student may take up to one half of the graduate program requirements in his or her area of emphasis. The rest of the courses are spread over mathematics, cognates, and distribution requirements. Students must complete 30 credit hours to receive a master of science in engineering (MSE) degree in mechanical engineering.

Most mechanical engineering courses are worth 3 credits and are offered in the evening from 6-8:45 p.m. Each course meets one night per week during the Fall and Winter terms and twice per week during the Summer I and Summer II half terms. When demand for certain courses is exceptionally high, additional daytime sections, offered from 2-5:45 p.m., may be added. Non-working students are required to take daytime sections (rather than evening sections) where these are available. All classes are held Monday-Thursday. Classes are available in the Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April), Summer I (May-June) and Summer II (July-August) terms.

The mechanical engineering graduate program may be completed entirely on campus, entirely online, or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. Any student may take online courses; there is not a requirement to be enrolled in the online program. If you live in Michigan and would like the flexibility to take both on-campus and web courses, you should apply to the regular program. You will be able to register for as many online courses as you wish. Please contact the Graduate Secretary for more information on the distinctions between the on-campus and online program: umd-megrad@umich.edu

Online Options

The program may be completed entirely on campus, entirely online, or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. Online courses are offered via the Distance Learning Network (DLN) and utilize video streaming of the lectures given on campus. Online students have the opportunity to interact with their instructors and with fellow students (both on campus as well as online) through Canvas, a campus-wide learning management system. The class lectures, notes, and discussions are posted on Canvas for online students' access.

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent, from an accredited school, with a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.

Please note: At least 2 letters of recommendation are required as part of the application. These should come from people who know you as an engineer, either academically (professor or research advisor) or professionally (supervisor or manager). Letters of reference from peer employees or personal sources are invalid and will not be considered.

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MSE in Mechanical Engineering
I was able to choose classes that allow me to develop my research skills and also classes that allow me to develop my product development and engineering skills.
Laura Beyer, '13 MSE-ME, Engineer at Ford Motor Company

Mechanical Engineering

Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)
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