CECS Online

CECS faculty and staff are dedicated to providing quality education through delivery methods that can accommodate each student's dynamic lifestyle.  CECS Online courses are offered asynchronously, providing the flexibility that students require.  Students enrolled in online courses view recorded lectures, participate in optional synchronous discussions, submit assignments and complete assessments using Canvas, the UM-Dearborn learning management system. Online students are not required to come to campus.   Online students receive the same course content, are assigned the same coursework and complete the same assessments.  Although flexible, CECS online courses are not self-paced.  Students must meet designated deadlines and due dates as indicated by the instructor.

There is no distinction between degrees earned online and degrees earned on campus, but students must declare their intention to enroll in either the online or campus program at the time of application.

Graduate Degree Programs and Certificates

Most CECS master's level graduate degree programs and certificate courses can be completed online.

Undergraduate Online Course Offerings

A select group of CECS undergraduate courses are available online.  Please check the course schedule for semester offerings.

CECS Online

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