Mental Health and Wellness Peer Educators

We all struggle with the daily challenges of life. For some, receiving peer support can be a useful tool for coping with the stressors associated with being a college student. The Mental Health and Wellness Peer Educators are undergraduate and graduate students trained by CAPS staff to help provide support, resources and education to their fellow University of Michigan Dearborn peers.

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Check out our youtube playlist for previous sessions of mental health Mondays! These are information sessions hosted by the Mental health and wellness peer educators about helpful wellness topics! Check out the website closer to the beginning of Winter for the new schedule!

Learn a little more about our current mental health and wellness peer educators:



Pronouns: they/them

Major: Health and Human Services, Public Health concentration 

Year in school: 5th

Future career goals: I would like to work in community health, especially in marginalized communities. 

Other organizations you are involved with on campus: PRIDE, WUM-D

What I do for my own wellness: I like to have recognized time to recharge, whether that's in the company of friends or alone. A mindful moment to have fun and laugh or read a book really helps me. 



Pronouns: Any

Major: Behavioral Sciences 

Year: Senior


Career goal: Running an art based nonprofit for children and young adults 

How I practice wellness: Through comedy, writing, and music. I watch shows that are familiar to me as a source of comfort, listen to podcasts or music, and I write short stories and poetry in my free time.


Photo of Brianna, one of the peer educators. She is smiling and wearing a black lace shirt. She has long dark brown hair.

Pronouns: she/her 

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

Future career goals: To be a psychiatrist working with younger patients 

Other organizations: Active Minds, Engaged Scholars, Public Health Society, The Undergraduate Society of Psychology and Neuroscience 

What I do for my own wellness: Listen to music, exercise, and spend time with people I love.


Caitlyn Johnson, one of the peer educators, is wearing yellow baggy shirt and smiling during a sunset.

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Bioengineering 

Year in school: Sophomore

Future Career Goals: To work in a hospital and help underprivileged communities

Other Organizations: Association for Women in Mathematics (President)

What I Do For My Own Wellness: Watch comfort shows, go for walks and listen to music, attend therapy, and stay connected with those close to me.



Pronouns: She/her

Major: Psychology and Criminology

Year in school: 4th

Future Career Goals: I would love to work in therapy, specifically for individuals who have been or are incarcerated.

Other Organizations: Criminology and Criminal Justice Collective, Psi Chi, and Undergraduate Society of Psychology and Neuroscience

What I do for my wellness: I love to go on walks, spend time with my friends and family, and listen to my favorite podcasts and playlists!



Pronouns: He/Him/His

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Year: 1st Year Grad Student

Org: TEDx, Build On

Career goal: Develop and implement health education programs and initiatives that focus on the health and safety of employees across industries.

How I practice wellness: Engagement in social services and outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycling.



Pronouns: He/Him/His

Major: Psychology

Year in School: 5th

Future Career Goals: Either becoming an effective and proficient Clinical Psychologist or Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, or maybe both.

Other Organizations you are Involved with on Campus: The Undergraduate Society of Psychology and Neuroscience, Anime & Manga Club

What I Do for my Own Wellness: I make attempts to spend a decent amount of time engaging in entertaining and leisurely activities with my friends, such as seeing movies together or trying yummy food.



Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major: Psychology 

Year: Senior

Future Career Goals: To work as a therapist in community mental health and eventually a group or private practice.

What I do for my wellness: I like to spend time in nature, chill with my dog, do martial arts, have a simple self-care routine, and go to therapy!



Pronouns: he/him

Major: Computer and Information Science

Year: 1st Year Grad Student

Org: Maize and Blue Crew, SAB, GDSC

Career Goal: To become a successful mental health entrepreneur and have a significant impact in the field of mental health on a global scale

How I practice wellness: I enjoy taking vacations, going out with friends, playing piano, and writing poetry in my leisure time.



Pronouns: she/her or They/ them

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year in school: 2nd year(sophomore)

Future career goals: To pursue a career in my field but also advocate for those in my community. I also would love to write children’s books.

What I do for wellness: I love drawing, crocheting, playing video games, or spending time with my cat.



Pronouns: He/him

Major: Finance

Year in school: 4th year 

Future career goals: Join a law school to hopefully become a corporate lawyer

Other orgs: Mens basketball team

What do I do for my own wellness: Workout, stay on top of my priorities, leave an hour of the day for myself to reflect/meditate or do something I enjoy alone in a peaceful environment.

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