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The Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources (often referred to simply as the “Hub”) serves as a single portal for resources to help faculty explore pedagogical issues and opportunities, enhance curriculum and fully apply assessment practices. 


The Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources assists faculty, staff and students achieve their teaching and learning goals by providing pedagogical, technological and assessment support.

The specific services and initiatives, some co-created with faculty, the Hub provides: 

  • Coordinate faculty professional development across campus
  • Facilitate custom trainings and programs for departments and units 
  • Consult one-on-one with faculty regarding pedagogy, technology and assessment 
  • Provide grants to support teaching and learning 
  • Oversee orientation and ongoing support for new faculty 


Upcoming Events

Faculty Conversation: Teaching in a Time of Uncertainty

Thursday, 1/30, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm, Register here

Faculty and students live in a time of uncertainty, including a crisis of political leadership, instability in climate change, and unpredictable job prospects in a gig economy. Nationwide, undergraduate students have rising rates of anxiety and depression and universities are contending with declining enrollments. The Hub would like to invite faculty to a series of conversations about teaching in a time of uncertainty. How do we create positive and inclusive environments for our students in this time of uncertainty? What strategies have you used to reach your students? Please join us for lunch and for this first conversation where will work as a group to generate specific areas of focus for future sessions.


See Me Teach

Would you like to know what other UM-Dearborn faculty do in the classroom? Or, on the other hand, would you like to share some of your teaching techniques that work particularly well in your courses?

The See Me Teach series allows faculty to attend another instructor’s class. The hosting instructor may also set up a quick chat afterwards for the group to ask questions and think together about how to apply any new ideas to other classrooms.

Volunteer to host visitors to your class via this form.    

The Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources
The diversity in the faculty is just astonishing.
Aayat Ali

Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources

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