Emergency Planning for Continuity of Instruction

 For pedagogical support during the transition to teaching remotely, please use these Calendly online scheduling links for the Hub's Instructional Designers:

Click here if you would like the next available appointment with an Instructional Designer.

To connect with the Director of the Hub, please set up a meeting with Carla Vecchiola.

We welcome faculty pairs or groups. Decide on a time together and sign up. We will add your colleagues to the virtual meeting. 

If you have any trouble using the Calendly app, please email Beth Medere, medere@umich.edu.

You can also directly email these librarians to request a meeting or ask for support with this transition, even if they are not your subject librarian. The library has prepared this remote course support page

For technical support, please contact your Canvas Administrator.


Moving Online Quickly

Take a breath and remember that these are not normal times. 

Keep the focus on your students, use tools you already know (like email), consider creative low tech solutions (like an overhead recording of pen and paper), and reach out to the Hub, your Canvas Administrator, the Mardigian Library, or your colleagues for ideas.

Quick Start Resource Guides

Many of these have been sent to the Hub by your colleagues. Some describe other learning management systems or tools not available on our campus. Use these quick start guides to find simple strategies that are useful right now. Then use the links below to our campus tools.

Find the Appropriate Tool

Use either this infographic or the links below:

Best Practices

  • Communicate fully and explicitly with students. Summarize all of the changes to your course in a dedicated Canvas page. Here are guides for creating a page and uploading media.

  • Utilize Canvas announcements to keep your students up-to-date on any changes or modifications.

  • Get up to speed on Canvas tools and processes by contacting your Canvas Administrator to request an in person, phone call, or Google Hangout appointment.

  • Plan ahead for how you will handle the pedagogy of a snow day by clicking here to request an in person, Google Hangout, or phone meeting with an Instructional Designer at the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources.

  • Visit the our Digital Education Toolkit for tools and tutorials.

  • Take advantage of the ideas of colleagues and departmental practices. Share ideas. 

Practices to Avoid

  • Holding class via video conferencing at a time and day the class does not meet.

  • Extending class beyond the time the class usually meets.

  • Increasing the amount of work students are expected to do.

  • Asking students to do the same amount and kind of work the syllabus initially expected them to do while (a) compressing the work into a shorter time period and/or (b) reducing their access to instructor, peer, or campus resources they’d otherwise have access to. If you have more content than time, reflect on the student learning outcomes for your course, and focus on those that are the most important.

  • Teaching via individual consultation & tutorial (unless you were going to do that anyway).

  • Increasing the weight of any graded assignment.

  • Extending the course so that it ends after finals week. Many students have multiple finals and many will have a time conflict during finals week.

  • Reschedule finals.

  • Add a class session during finals week.

This page is modeled on examples from Indiana University and University of Washington

Disability and Accessibility Services (DAS)

Disability and Accessibility Services (DAS) is available to help faculty with articles etc. that may need to be made accessible.   

Contact Judy Walker 313-593-5310 

Disability and Accessibility Services website

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