The Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources is guided by the commitment to co-create programs and services with faculty rather than for faculty so that the Hub is meaningfully connected to campus needs. The Hub partners with faculty, through a variety of programs, in order to support the sharing of teaching practices within disciplines and across campus.

Hub Affiliates

The Hub Affiliates Program works with faculty who both have expertise in and want to grow their expertise in a topic of teaching and learning for the benefit of the larger UM-D teaching community. The program will provide Affiliates with a $3000 stipend which will be distributed over the course of the calendar year. Affiliates will meet regularly with an Instructional Designer to build common vocabulary around topics, to consider broader research and thinking from the topic area, and to build campus conversation around their topic area over the course of a calendar year. More information can be found on this program description.

  • Maya Barak
  • Alan Wiggins
  • Carmel Price
  • Katherine LaCommare
  • Michael MacDonald
  • Yi-Su Chen
  • Troy Murphy
  • Tian An Wong
  • Samir Rawashdeh

Department Liaisons

The Hub Department Liaisons Program introduces a teaching technique to campus through faculty-to-faculty outreach. Department Liaisons attend a Hub workshop for a particular teaching technique and then consult with at least five faculty colleagues in their departments to introduce the technique. See this previous call as an example: Course Blueprint Department Liaison

AY 2019-2020 Course Blueprint Department Liaisons
  • Jen Proctor
  • Katherine LaCommare
  • Kyongson Park
  • Natalie Sampson
  • Yi-Su Chen
  • Alireza Mohammadi



Winter 2018 Small Changes Department Liaisons
  • Susan Gavell
  • Jen Proctor
Assignment Redesign Department Liaisons
  • Georges Ayoub, CECS
  • Joy Beatty, COB
  • Julio Borquez, CASL
  • Sofia Calzada-Orihuela, CASL
  • Nilay Chakraborty, CECS
  • Bill DeGenaro, CASL
  • Mark Radosevich, CASL
  • Amy Brainer, CASL
  • Stein Brunvand, CEHHS
  • Patricia Hartshorn, CASL
  • Lisa Martin, CASL & CEHHS
  • Vadym Pyrozhenko, CASL
  • Jackie Vansant, CASL


Course Redesign Faculty Fellows Program

  • Margaret Mikula - Stat 263 Introduction to Statistics
  • Anne Danielson-Francois - BIOL 360 Population genetics and evolution
  • Ivy Forsythe-Brown - SOC 200: Understanding Society
  • Nesrin Cengiz-Phillips - Math 090, Intermediate Algebra
  • Mike  VanHemert - - BA 400 Corporate [Social] Responsibility  
  • Janice Molloy – Mgmt. Studies / BPS 451: Strategic Management 
  • Jackie Vansant – LCC / GER 101 & 102: German Language and Culture
  • John Chenoweth – BSCI / ANTH 101: Introduction to Anthropology
  • Lisa Martin – Women’s and Gender Studies & HHS / GST303: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  • Emily Luxon – SS / POL 201: Politics Around the World
  • Mercedes Miranda – AcctFin/ BE 530: Economic Analysis

Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources

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