Mid-course student feedback is different from student evaluations in that it allows you to receive feedback from your students that you can use immediately that semester. Mid-course student feedback sessions have been shown to positively impact end-of-term evaluations.

Being transparent with your students about the challenges of this remote semester will help create a collaborative environment. You can gather student feedback yourself by searching the Canvas Commons for "UM-Dearborn Course Feedback," an ungraded, anonymous quiz that you can import directly into your courses. What is important in any midcourse student feedback process is the conversation between faculty and students. Students need to feel like their feedback is heard. When students make suggestions that are impossible to change, it gives the faculty member an opportunity to be transparent and explain the reasoning behind their pedagogical choices.

If you would like to schedule a session with a Hub consultant, the best time is during the 5th-8th week of a full semester class and the 2nd-3rd week of a 7 week course. In a synchronous course, a Hub consultant will develop feedback with your students by facilitating small-group and large-group discussions that build consensus. In an asynchronous course, we will survey your students individually and then follow up with an opportunity for whole-class feedback. The process is confidential. We will not be offering face-to-face student feedback sessions during Fall 2020.

To request a session, please fill out this form.

Capacity is limited. Requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. One course per instructor per semester.

Contact Carla Vecchiola, cvecchio@umich.edu, with any questions or concerns.

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