Driverless shuttle project puts students on the front lines of the autonomous vehicle revolution

There’s a six-passenger vehicle in the Institute of Advanced Vehicle Systems’ hi-bay area to which students are applying systems —like optical cameras, perception systems and a super computer “brain”—to give it an autonomous makeover....

This video game helps kids build their defenses to online predators

UM-Dearborn undergrads and a UM-Ann Arbor librarian teamed up for a project to help young people with autism stay safe online....

This edible landscape is one of UM-Dearborn’s best-kept secrets

The low-maintenance permaculture orchard and garden is growing fresh produce—for a good cause....

Learning opportunities span the globe for CASL students

Students have traveled to Iceland, Canada, Greece and the Land of Lincoln this summer....

Students gain appreciation for Spanish peninsular culture and history through food in one UM-Dearborn course

SPN 321 creates a tasty dish that mixes education, collaboration and appreciation....

One College of Business course is teaching students how to problem solve with the help of a classic modeling clay

Students in ENT 400 engage in a rapid prototyping exercise to create, receive feedback and immediately modify their products...

CECS mentors help metro Detroit students imagine life after high school

Can young people’s dreams of higher education be ignited through near peer mentoring?...

Why the new Stamelos Gallery Center is more than just a bigger, better venue for art

UM-Dearborn’s new Stamelos Gallery Center, which opens Friday, boasts the look and feel of a modern art venue. But it’s the backend amenities that make this a turning point for the university’s arts scene....

An experimental pilot program in the College of Business gives professional role to undergraduate students

Using an experiential learning model, a new business administration course partners students and industry to deliver a win-win....

Having a Field Day: Students gather together for class that has a 50-year tradition of foraging

Led by Professor Emeritus Orin Gelderloos, UM-Dearborn's “salad bar course" — with its cattails, elderberry, mint and more — is more than nutritious; it teaches students how to understand and interact with local nature....