Bulk Mailing

200+ Pieces of Mail

A bulk mailing consists of 200 or more pieces of mail and must adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Each piece must be exactly the same size, print content, paper, etc. 
  • The actual count must be indicated on the blue mail slip. Contact the mail department to get more blue mail slips if necessary.
  • The mail must be in zip code order, lowest to highest, front to back. 
  • If the mail is in envelopes, they must be sealed
  • If they are folded, the fold must be on the bottom and there must be two tabs, one inch from the edges, securing the top.
  • The indicia (bulk stamp) must be printed or stamped in the upper right hand corner of each piece of mail before it reaches the mailroom.  Call General Services at 313-593-5481 to obtain the correct wording for the indicia or to borrow a stamp.
  • The mail must be official University business and not sponsored by an outside group, organization or association.
  • If you are using an outside mail service to process a bulk mailing, you must contact the mailroom two weeks prior to the mailing to obtain proper paperwork for processing at the Post Office.

Mail Services

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