SUBJECT: New Student Research Opportunity Portal - Faculty Info Form

May 30, 2023 at 11:55 AM

Faculty friends and colleagues,

Experience+ regularly has students who reach out to us with an interest in participating in research with a faculty mentor. While we administer and fund faculty/student research projects in the summer through the SURE program, we would like to expand, at least the professional development and support component of our work, to research opportunities for students in fall and winter.  To better connect students with faculty who are interested and willing to have students work with them on research, we have created this form (requires UM login)

You may have funding via a grant or a student employment opportunity. Some students are also willing to volunteer to gain experience, or the work may be for credit. Keep in mind that EXP+ can provide modest Student Research Grants for students who are conducting research for credit (at both the UG and G levels) as well as conference travel grants for students to travel and present their research.

If you could please take a few moments to fill out the form - we will then be sharing the information in a new online Student Research Portal. Students can then search to find faculty who are looking for student researchers in areas relevant to their majors and/or skills and interests. 

Thank you in advance for sharing the valuable research you are doing and the opportunities it provides for our students to grow academically and professionally!

Maureen Linker, Associate Provost
Laurie Sutch, Executive Director, EXP+

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