Advisory Committees

Safety Oversight & Advisory Committee

The Safety Oversight & Advisory Committee is the one committee that advises the vice chancellor for business affairs. The committee's charge is to serve as a contact point for the members of the campus who wish to raise issues regarding safety and security; advise the vice chancellor for business affairs and the director of public safety regarding issues relating to campus safety and security; and review public safety policies and procedures.

The committee membership consists of two students, three faculty, and two staff members.

  • Staff: Joan Doherty, College of Business; William Emerson, Veteran's Affairs

    Faculty: Kevin Early, Behavioral Sciences; Don Miller, Natural Sciences; Nehal Patel, Behavioral Sciences

    Student Government: Fiana Arbab, Lauren Shinaberry

    ​ex officio: Jeff Evans, vice chancellor for business affairs; Kevin Williams, police chief and director of public safety

University Budget Committee

The vice chancellor works with the University Budget Committee that advises the Chancellor. The committee's charge is to provide an effective channel through which all campus constituencies can have significant and valuable input into the budget process, can receive timely information about the process, and can provide advice, analysis, and assessment throughout the process.

  • Membership with expiration of term:

    Chair: Karen Shea, college of business (2017)

    Staff Senate: Kelly Ledingham (2016), Christine Kelly-Williams (2017), Belinda Soliz (2017)

    Student Government: Yousuf Qadri (2017), Mohammed Alziyadi (2017)

    Campus at-large: Lee Freeman (2017)

    CASL: Mahesh Agarwal (2017), Francine Dolins (2016)

    CECS: Bochen Jia (2017)

    Administrative representation: 

    Kate Davy, provost; Jeff Evans, vice chancellor for business affairs; Noel Hornbacher, director of financial services; Jody Pear (recorder), business affairs